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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Evaluations Started: A Letter From SE Team

Since Evaluate AUIS is part of  Student Eye, we have to explain few things for our readers. We have no intention other than helping our fellow students. Therefore, this blog will give the American University of Iraq- Sulaimani, students freedom to access their, university policies, faculty members, academic quality and studying environment. Our objectives are simple and we want to help the university to have appropriate procedures. We do not call for dismissing  anyone, yet we want to give students space to voice their arguments.
Over the last four years evaluations ended in vain, due to bad assessments or lack of decisiveness by the university administrators; thus, with this humble effort we want to see what students want and how the university can be improved.
We are not responsible for what and how students express their feelings, suggestions and critiques. All the information provided on this blog is directly taken from 2010-2011, Academic Catalogue of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani. Thus, we are not responsible, in case any of the provided information turned to be not valid.            
Student Eye Team  
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